UTALIVE / ウタライブ

VTuber Music Circle

UTALIVE (ウタライブ) is a music circle that specializes in VTuber, VStreamer, and Virtual Idol music. We've worked with agencies like VShojo and ShirayuriPro, and dozens of independent VTubers & streamers!

Services include custom BGMs, instrumentals for covers, original vocal songs, and more.

If your goal is to have an ear-catching starting screen, original notification sounds, or make your idol dreams come true with your own original song, UTALIVE is your one-stop shop from composing to vocal post-production!

New Partner Coming Soon!
New Partner Coming Soon!


Name | Daryl
Languages | English, 日本語
Genre Specialty | Orchestral, Idol, Rock, Metal, Jazz/Bigband, Chiptune
Expertise | Composition, Mixing, Mastering, Vocal Production
Previous Clients | Nyanners, Ironmouse, Froot(BSApricot), Yamane Chiika, LilyPichu, Lyn(MAMETCHl), Kou Mariya

Name | Lee
Languages | English, 日本語
Genre Specialty | Orchestral, Experimental, Techno
Expertise | Instrumental Performance, Composition
Previous Clients | Mint Fantome, Bunny_GIF, Madi

Name | Miyolophone
Languages | English
Expertise | Composition, Production, Arranging
Previous Clients | Yamane Chiika, Hime Hajime, annapantsu




Illustration by kgr

Maid Mint (ミント・ファントーム) is a YouTube Partner ghost VTuber that haunts a Maid Cafe. She greets each Goshujin-sama and Oujo-sama with a friendly voice and wholesome streams.

Don't forget to place an offering!

Akiba Mint Parfait



Illustration by Chiika

Yamane Chiika (山根ちいか) is a Magical Girl VTuber, Twitch Partner, freelance artist, emote extraordinaire & Professional Shitposter.

Are you ready for attendance?! Just don't spend your yams in one place!

no thoughts, head empty



Illustration by dotMango

Kou Mariya (コウマリヤ) is a vampire that found out 6669 years old was too old to be a traditional idol and decided to be a Vampidol VTuber! She is a variety streamer with talents in art, graphic design, and... biting?

This Is Definitely A Real Blood Bank


Commission Information

Thank you for considering UTALIVE!

• All prices listed are in USD. We accept PayPal only. (Transaction fees are included in the price.)
• An upfront payment of 50% of the total is required upon starting your commission, and 50% upon delivery of the final product.
• Cancellations after starting your commission are nonrefundable (50% of total cost).
• Upgrades between commercial license to full buy out available with payment of the price difference. Please contact us.
• Feel free to reach out for a free quote at Twitter DM or via Email!

Please be sure to read the Terms of Service & F.A.Q. and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Original BGM

Starting/ Ending Screen music or VTuber background music.

TypeCommercial License Full Buy Out
BGM$125-500 per 30 seconds$250-1000 per 30 seconds
VTuber Pack*20% off*20% off*

*Includes: 1 Starting Intro Track, 1 BRB Music, 1 Outro Ending Music, and 1 looping BGM Track.


Zinger/Transition sound effects. Original notification sounds for follows, raids, subscribers, donations and more.

TypeCommercial License Full Buy Out
1 Sound Effect$25-50 eachPlease Contact
Sound Pack (5 Sounds)$100-200 per packPlease Contact

Vocal Post-Production (Mixing/ Mastering)

Have an audio professional mix, tune, time, and master your vocals for a cover*!

TypeFull Buy Out
Cover (Post-Production)$50 per 30 seconds
Add-on: Additional Vocal Tracks+$20 per track
Add-on: Artificial Harmonies +$20 per track

*Commissioners are responsible for obtaining distribution license - we recommend Soundrop. See our FAQ for more info.

Off Vocals / Instrumentals

We offer off vocals that sounds just like the original without worry about copyright strikes. We can also make custom off vocals to fit any genre or style you'd like or that fits your VTuber theme!

TypeCommercial License Full Buy Out
Acoustic Arrangement: Piano or Guitar$100-$150 per minutePlease Contact
True to Original$250-400 per minutePlease Contact
Original ArrangementPlease ContactPlease Contact

Original SONG

Ever dreamed of singing your own original song? We offer original song services to create a professional song from start to finish: composing, lyrics, mixing, and mastering.

For Full Buy Out inquires, please contact us directly via Twitter DM or via Email!

TypeLengthDistribution License
Original Song ONLY ¹TV Size$1,000-$2,000
Full Size $2,000-$4,000
Original Song Full Package ²TV Size$2,000-$4,000
Full Size $4,000-$6,000

¹ Original instrumental with a melody guide ONLY.
² Includes original instrumental, lyrics (English or Japanese), mixing, mastering for 1-2 vocalists. Please inquire for additional vocalists.


Terms of Service and Frequently asked questions

Terms of Service

If you have any questions or inquiries not addressed in the usage chart or FAQ, please feel free to reach out via email or Twitter DM.

For VTuber Agencies, Corporations, and Independent VTubers with gross earnings of more than $2000 USD/ month, please contact us to discuss how we can help with your projects.

Our services are also available for non-VTubers; please feel free to contact for a quote.

Thank you for your interest in UTALIVE!

UsageCommercial LicenseDistribution LicenseFull Buy Out
Use on Twitch/ Youtube/ BiliBili/ NND/ Twitter for Streaming✔️✔️✔️
Use on Twitch/ Youtube/ BiliBili/ NND/ Twitter for Uploads✔️✔️✔️
Use on videos, clips, edits✔️✔️✔️
Use on albums, singles, EPs for free download or CD (digital & physical)✔️✔️✔️
Use on albums, singles, EPs for sale/profit (digital & physical)✔️✔️
Distribution on Spotify, Pandora, BandCamp, Amazon Music, etc.¹✔️✔️
Use on voice packs✔️✔️
Use on outside streaming websites✔️✔️
Use in Video Games/ Movies/ Television✔️
Ownership of the Music Intellectual Property✔️

¹ For Covers: Commissioners are responsible for obtaining distribution license. See FAQ for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UTALIVE? UTALIVE is a circle of music creators. We are not a VTuber agency or company.
What is your turn around time? On average 7-10 business days, but delivery time may vary depending on the complexity of your commission, and how filled our wait list is. Please contact us for a more accurate delivery date.
Do you do rush deliveries? Yes! If you need a track within a hard deadline of 7 days or less, we can accommodate for an additional rush fee. Please contact for more information.
Can I buy a commercial license now and a full buy out later? Yes! Please contact us and we can determine the price difference for you to pay to upgrade to a full buy out.
Can my friends use the track that I commissioned? Licenses are good for one individual; please contact for a multi-user license. No additional user license is needed with a full buy out.
How many revisions do I get? Each commission includes 3 revision passes. You may request revisions any time during the commission process, and up to 3 days after delivery of the final product. Any revision requests after the 3 allotted revisions or 3 days after final delivery are subject to additional fees.
How do I credit? Please include "(Producer Name) of UTALIVE" and a link to UTALIVE.pro in your About section on Twitch or in the video description of each video/ stream on Youtube, NicoNicoDouga, BiliBili, etc.
Can I cover any song? Although we provide custom instrumentals for any song in any genre, you as the commissioner are responsible for obtaining the proper cover song distribution licenses. We recommended SoundDrop for this. As of 9/20/20, a lifetime license is only $9.99 per song!
How do I join UTALIVE?Thank you for your interest! We are not actively seeking additional UTALIVE team members (composers/ audio engineers) or UTALIVE partners at this time.
How do I contact UTALIVE partners? Please find out how to contact each individual partner on their Twitter or websites linked in the partner page. We are not a contact point for our partners. Thank you!


UTALIVE / ウタライブ VTuber Music Circle

Thanks for taking an interest in working with UTALIVE!

We are currently open for commission.

Contact us via email or twitter below for quotes, questions, and commissions requests & inquires.

Please read Terms of Service & FAQ before contacting! Thank you!

*We are not taking partnership requests at this time.