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Custom Music For VTubers and Streamers

UTALIVE (ウタライブ) is a music production team that specializes in custom music for VTubers and streamers. We've worked with hundreds of clients, including agencies like VShojo, V4Mirai, and more!If you're looking for music that both you and your audience will love, UTALIVE is your one-stop shop for all your needs - whether it's custom BGMs, alert sounds, or producing your own original song!


What is UTALIVE?

UTALIVE is a three-person music production circle. We launched in September 2020 with the goal of uplifting VTubers by providing them with impactful, high quality custom music that tells their stories, strengthens their brands, and makes their audiences feel at home.Since then, we've gone on to work with hundreds of incredible clients, including agencies like VShojo, V4Mirai, and many others!

Illustration by wenbeez

Daryl Vanessa Barnes

Founder, Director, Composer

Daryl is the founder of UTALIVE and oversees all of its activities. A whiskey-loving workaholic and vinyl record junkie, Daryl can often be found in her studio during the most gremlin of hours. She is completely self-taught, and though her roots are in rock, metal, and R&B, she loves writing for orchestra.

Expertise | Composition, Production, Audio Branding
Previous Clients | Nyanners, Ironmouse, Sinder, Zentreya, Haruka Karibu, Froot, Silvervale, Tonari Animation, Kou Mariya

Illustration by LazyCoffee


Co-Founder, Composer

Lee is an avid gamer and an instrument addict. He likes exploring genres, but often finds comfort in his classical roots. Christmas is his favorite season, and windchimes will one way or another work themselves into your commission.

Expertise | Composition, Instrumental Performance
Previous Clients | Claude Clawmark, Silvervale, Mint Fantôme, Bunny_GIF, Madi

Illustration by hyuu



Miyolophone is a composer and pianist with no particular genre preferences. He likes coming up with weird song concepts, as well as writing music that makes you want to rewind and figure out what that chord was.

Expertise | Composition, Production, Arranging
Previous Clients | Zentreya, Will Steson, Yamane Chiika, Hime Hajime, CyberLive


We are excited and honored to be partnered with Galeia Studio!

Galeia Studio is a three-person creative team that specializes in the writing, illustration, and animation of VTuber lore videos.

Galeia and UTALIVE are joining forces to take VTuber lore videos to the next level — by hiring both studios in tandem, your lore video's story, visuals, music, and sound will be collaboratively produced by a team of industry experts who are passionate about VTubers. You won't need to micromanage separate pipelines or stress over finding suitable music/visuals - we'll take care of that for you.If you are interested in having a lore video produced by Galeia Studio and UTALIVE, please reach out to either studio. We'd love to know more about your lore project!


Commission Process

Each project is priced uniquely depending on the request.If you are interested in a commission, contact us via Email or Twitter DM. We'll ask some questions to get a better understanding of your brand and what kind of music you're looking for. Then, we'll provide you with a price quote. If you're comfortable with the quote, we can get a commission officially started!We do not charge for consultations, and you are neither bound nor committed to a commission until you've made the deposit payment - so don't be afraid to reach out and let us know if you have any questions!

Payment Terms

• All prices listed are in USD. We currently accept PayPal only. (Transaction fees are included in the price.)
• An upfront deposit payment of 50% of the total is required upon starting your commission.
• The remaining 50% of the cost will be billed upon your approval of the finished music.
• In the event you cancel your commission, any payments already made are nonrefundable.

Background Music (BGM)

Background music that can be used for Starting/Ending Screens, Just Chatting, BRB, etc.
All BGMs are loopable by default, but can be non-looping by request.

Current Rates:

Commercial LicenseFull Buyout
$400 - $650 per 30 seconds of music$1000 - $1500 per 30 seconds of music

Discounted VTuber BGM Pack!

For those looking to get a full set of custom music, we offer a discounted VTuber Pack!If you order 4 individual BGMs, you'll receive a 20% discount off the total price.You can order any combination of any type of BGM: starting soon, just chatting, brb, outro, etc.Please contact us to let us know if you're interested in a VTuber Pack!


Sound effects for stream alerts (follows, raids, subscribers, donations, etc), scene transitions, channel redeems, or just about anything from your stream that could use custom sound!

Current Rates:

TypeCommercial License Full Buy Out
1 Sound Effect$25-50 eachPlease Contact
Sound Pack (5 Sounds)$100-200 per packPlease Contact

Off Vocals / Instrumentals

We can make instrumentals (also known as "off-vocals") that sound just like the real song, or customize the arrangement to your liking!

Instrumental arrangement by Daryl Barnes

Instrumental arrangement by Daryl Barnes

Instrumental arrangement by Lee Fan

Current Rates:

TypeCommercial License
Acoustic Arrangement: Piano or Guitar$100-$150 per minute of music
True to Original$300-450 per minute of music
Custom ArrangementPlease Contact

Lore Video Scoring / Animation Scoring

Want your VTuber lore video to stand out and make a huge impact? Let UTALIVE create a professional soundtrack for it! We can craft a score that matches the exact timing of your lore video or animation, and highlight the key moments for an engaging cinematic experience!

Lore video scoring prices vary widely due to the nature of each project; please inquire for a free consultation and quote.

Vocal Post-Production (Mixing/ Mastering)

Have an audio professional mix, tune, time, and master your vocals for a cover*!

Current Rates:

TypeFull Buy Out
Cover (Post-Production)$80 per 30 seconds
Add-on: Additional Vocal Tracks+$30 per track
Add-on: Artificial Harmonies+$30 per track

*Commissioners are responsible for obtaining distribution license - we recommend Soundrop. See our FAQ for more info.

Vocal tuning, timing, mix, and master by Daryl Barnes

Original SONG

Ever dreamed of singing your own original song? Let's write you one!We offer two different original song packages: the Lite Package and Complete Package.

Lite PackageComposition and production; vocal melody; instrument stems
Complete PackageComposition and production; lyrics; vocal melody with sung vocal guide; vocal editing; mixing and mastering; instrument stems

Each package is available in TV Size and Full Size. This refers to the song length - a TV Size song typically ends after the first chorus, whereas a Full Size song typically ends after 2 or more choruses.

Composition & arrangement by Daryl Barnes, Lee Fan, and Jairus Cambe
Lyrics by fome

Composition, instrumental arrangement and vocal production by Daryl Barnes

Current Rates:

TypeDistribution LicenseFull Buyout
Lite Package ( TV Size)$1,000 - $1,500$2,000 - $3,000
Lite Package (Full Size)$1,500 - $2,500$3,000 - $5,000
Complete Package (TV Size)$2,500 - $3,000$5,000 - $6,000
Complete Package (Full Size)$3,000 - $5,000Please contact

The Distribution license allows you to upload and monetize the song on streaming services like Spotify, or physical media like CDs and vinyl records. The composer of the song retains the intellectual rights to the composition of the song.


Terms of Service and Frequently asked questions

Terms of Service

If you have any questions or inquiries not addressed in the usage chart or FAQ, please feel free to reach out.Though we primarily service VTubers, we also love working with non-VTuber creators!Please note that commissions are not endorsements; UTALIVE reserves the right to refuse or cancel commissions that we believe, in good faith, may be harmful to UTALIVE's reputation or the VTuber community.Please note: Use of any of our BGMs in music AI training or NFT minting is strictly prohibited. We will pursue action against such offenders if necessary.

UsageCommercial LicenseDistribution LicenseFull Buy Out
Use on Twitch/ Youtube/VStream/BiliBili/ NND/ Twitter streams✔️✔️✔️
Use on Twitch/ Youtube/VStream/BiliBili/ NND/ Twitter video content✔️✔️✔️
Use on videos, clips, edits✔️✔️✔️
Use on albums, singles, EPs for free download or CD (digital & physical)✔️✔️✔️
Use on albums, singles, EPs for sale/profit (digital & physical)✔️✔️
Distribution on Spotify, Pandora, BandCamp, Amazon Music, etc.¹✔️✔️
Use on voice packs✔️✔️
Use on outside streaming websites✔️✔️
Use in Video Games/ Movies/ Television✔️
Ownership of the Music Intellectual Property✔️

¹ For Covers: Commissioners are responsible for obtaining distribution license. See FAQ for more info.

We understand that client needs may occasionally differ from our standard licensing protocol. If you need to use the music in a way that is not covered by our standard commercial or distribution licenses, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we can figure something out!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UTALIVE?UTALIVE is a circle of music creators. We are not a VTuber agency or company.
What is your turn around time?Please allow up to 10-15 business days for an initial draft, and then another 2-3 days per revision. Delivery time may vary depending on the complexity of your commission, and how filled our wait list is. Please contact us for a more accurate delivery date.
Do you do rush deliveries?Yes! If you need a track within a hard deadline of 7 days or less, we can accommodate for an additional rush fee. Please contact for more information.
Can I buy a commercial license now and a full buy out later?Yes! Please contact us and we can determine the price difference for you to pay to upgrade to a full buy out.
Can my friends use the track that I commissioned?Unless you commissioned the track specifically for them (e.g. as a gift) or bought the full rights (a "Full Buyout"), no. Licenses are only good for one individual; please contact us if multiple people need to use the music, and we can work something out!
How many revisions do I get?We provide unlimited minor revisions (simple changes that do not affect the overall composition), and up to 3 major revisions (changes that would require us to re-write a significant part of the music). You may request revisions any time during the commission process, and up to 3 days after delivery of the final product. Any revision requests after the 3 allotted major revisions or 3 days after final delivery may be subject to additional fees.
How do I credit?Please include "(Producer Name) of UTALIVE" and a link to UTALIVE.pro in your About section on Twitch or in the video description of each video/ stream on Youtube, NicoNicoDouga, BiliBili, etc.
If I commission an instrumental for a cover, am I safe from DMCA?While you do need a custom instrumental in order to safely and legally monetize your cover, you are still responsible for obtaining the proper cover song distribution license. We highly recommended SoundDrop for this - they currently only charge 99 cents per song license!
How do I join UTALIVE?Thank you for your interest! We are not actively seeking additional UTALIVE team members (composers/ audio engineers) or UTALIVE partners at this time.
How do I contact UTALIVE partners?Please find out how to contact each individual partner on their Twitter or websites linked in the partner page. We are not a contact point for our partners. Thank you!
Can I mint my commissioned music/sound as an NFT?No. Minting your commission as an NFT or using it in a manner that suggests promotion/endorsement of NFTs is strictly prohibited. UTALIVE reserves the right to retract commercial licenses for any commissioned works found to be in violation of this rule.


UTALIVE / ウタライブ VTuber Music Circle

Thanks for taking an interest in working with UTALIVE!***
We are currently open for commission with limited availability.Contact us via email or twitter below for quotes, questions, and commissions requests & inquires.Please read Terms of Service & FAQ before contacting! Thank you!

ViSO: Virtual Sounds Volume 1

Royalty-Free BGM Pack

Free Streaming Music Pack

ViSO: Virtual Sounds Volume 1 - New Beginnings is a pack of loopable, royalty-free, DMCA-free streaming BGMs created by the UTALIVE team and community!Featuring 62 tracks made by 47 composers in a wide variety of styles and optimized for streaming & video, there's plenty of music to go around!ViSO is available for download through our Ko-fi. Please make sure to read the terms of use below before using the tracks in your streams and content!

ViSO: Virtual Sounds - Terms of Use

Here's what you can and cannot do with the music from ViSO:

Allowed UsageProhibited Usage
✅ Commercial and non-commercial use (you may use the music in streams/video content that generate profit for you.)❌ Redistributing the music in any way (selling, reuploading for free, uploading to Spotify, etc)
✅ Using the music as background music while streaming on Twitch, YouTube, and other streaming platforms.❌ Using the music in content unrelated to your brand as a streamer.
✅ Using the music in video content on YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and other video platforms.❌ Using the music in games, movies, animations, TV shows, and other such media even if it is related to your brand as a streamer*
✅ Inclusion of the music in clips by your fans (i.e. it’s okay for a fan to clip your stream while the music is playing)❌ Creating derivative works (for example, adding vocals/lyrics to the music)*
❌Using the music in NFT content, or minting the music as an NFT.

*If you want to use the music for purposes outside of what is allowed in the “Allowed Usage” section above, please contact the composer directly for permission.

How to Credit

Here are instructions on how to provide credit for some of the most commonly used platforms, with some example screenshots. If you're using a platform not listed below, you can follow the guidelines of whichever is closest - you don't have to copy the formatting exactly, as long as all the credit info is in there!Each composer's name and social links can be found in the "Composer Credits" section below.

TwitchPlease include the following info in a "Credits" panel in your Twitch "About" section: Composer's name, title of the track, link to the composer's social, and the text "from ViSO: Virtual Sounds by UTALIVE". - Example
YouTubePlease include the following info in the video description of your video: Composer's name, title of the track, link to the composer's social, and the text "from ViSO: Virtual Sounds by UTALIVE". - Example
TwitterPlease @ or @/ the composer (or just list their name if they don't use Twitter) and include the following info in the Tweet where the music is used or in a Tweet reply: Title of the track, link to the composer's social, and the text "from ViSO: Virtual Sounds by UTALIVE". - Example

Composer Credits

Composer's NameComposer's Social Link
Adriano Fernándezhttps://twitter.com/adriikko
Arielle Noriboshihttps://youtube.com/c/NoriboshiArielle
Arthur Vynckehttps://twitter.com/ArthurVost
Azuraga Melodyhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4msLaLAIDy1XTAr-Whw4-g
Ben Elliotthttps://twitter.com/BenElliottSound
Coleman Moorehttps://twitter.com/CMooreMusic_
Dalton Attighttps://twitter.com/AttigDalton
Daryl Barneshttp://darylbarnes.moe
Dionté Georgehttps://mobile.twitter.com/DionteGeorge
Fuji Mitsukihttps://twitter.com/Fuji_Mitsuki
NATIONAL COBRA ASSOCIATIONhttps://twitter.com/FrozenCobra
Nazua Kibahttps://twitter.com/NazuaKiba
Oz Nocturnehttps://twitter.com/oz_nocturne
Project Epsilonhttps://www.youtube.com/c/projectepsilon
Tyler Gonellihttps://twitter.com/GonelliT

Staff Credits

Project Organization & Management: Daryl BarnesViSO Logo and Artwork: Kou MariyaMastering: Daryl BarnesPresented by UTALIVEIf you enjoyed this project and would like to support UTALIVE, you are welcome (but in no way obliged) to buy us a Ko-fi! All donations will go towards the costs of community projects and events like ViSO. Again, this is completely optional so please don't feel pressured to donate!Thanks again and we hope you enjoy ViSO: Virtual Sounds Volume 1 - New Beginnings!

© 2022 UTALIVE

New Partner Coming Soon!
New Partner Coming Soon!

Mint Fantôme


Illustration by kgr

Mint Fantôme (ミント・ファントーム) was a YouTube Partner ghost VTuber that haunted a Maid Cafe. She greets each Goshujin-sama and Oujo-sama with a friendly voice and wholesome streams.Don't forget to place an offering!Graduated as of 04.04.21

Akiba Mint Parfait



Illustration by Chiika

Yamane Chiika (山根ちいか) is a Magical Girl VTuber, Twitch Partner, freelance artist, emote extraordinaire & Professional Shitposter.Are you ready for attendance?! Just don't spend your yams in one place!

no thoughts, head empty



Illustration by dotMango

Kou Mariya (コウマリヤ) is a vampire that found out 6669 years old was too old to be a traditional idol, so she decided to be a Vampidol VTuber instead! She is a variety streamer with talents in art, graphic design, and... biting?_

This Is Definitely A Real Blood Bank